Required Order Information

You will need to provide the following patient information when scheduling:

  • MRI is body part specific. Please list the exact area to be scanned on your order.
  • Date of birth; social security number; phone number.
  • Patient height, weight.
  • Any chance of pregnancy.
  • Previous surgeries, especially to area of interest.
  • History of cancer
  • History of metal or foreign implants within the body from any surgeries or accidents.
  • If the patient has worked around metal (welder, machine shop), he/she must arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment for x-ray clearance (at no charge).
  • Patients with pacemakers, certain types of bio-stimulators, drug infusion devices, or ferrous (magnetic) aneurysm clips cannot have an MRI exam.
  • If patient is claustrophobic please discuss the options of an oral sedative to take prior to the exam time.
  • If patient requires a sedative, referring physician should order prescription (PO meds).
  • Please provide any relevant films and/or reports from non CaroMont facilities if possible.